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Prowine Shanghai

Thr3 Monkeys will be at Prowine Shanghai, 14-16 november, booth 5BB29. Come see us!!! 三只猴子,11月14到16号要参加上海Prowine 展会. 来看我们吧! 👋 展位 5BB29. 🐒  


圣诞节快要到了 – X-Mas Time

圣诞节快要到了! 陪伴家人朋友一个好的时间。 有时候有陪伴是最好的礼物。 但记住,三只猴子也总算好的陪伴。 It’s X-Mas time! The best time of the year to spend time with family and friends. Good company is sometimes the greatest gift. And remember, The Thr3 Monkeys are always good company.  


万圣节快要到了 – Halloween times!

  万圣节快要到了。你的最好的打扮是什么? 猴子们再找伙伴参加一些万圣节活动。你想不想参加? It’s Halloween times! What your best outfit? The Monkeys are looking for some friends to go trick or treating with. Are you up for the task?  


Last Holiday Before Chinese Year

国庆假期是2017年一月份春节前最后一个假期。 但别怕!三只猴子一直会作为你的陪伴。 看你的情绪,选一个三只猴子白、桃红、红。 The Nationalday holiday is the last hoilday before Chinese New Year celebration in January 2017. But don’t worry! Thr3 Monkeys will always be by your side. Depending on your mood, chose a white, rosé or white Thr3 Monkeys!  


猴子和朋友 – Monkeys and friends.

跟朋友在一起总是很开心。 有时猴子比三个还多。有时三只猴子请朋友一起玩。 有猴子、没猴子,有朋友在都很开心。 When with friends you will always have a good time. Sometimes there are more than thr3 monkeys. Somethimes the thr3 monkeys invites friends. Monkey or no monkey, it always good to be with friend.  


September is coming to its end, Wake up!

秋天快要来啦, 你生活中是不是需要一点变化? 去你家最近的酒吧喝一杯三只猴子葡萄酒或在你最爱的电商上买下一瓶在家喝 不管怎么样,我们都建议三只猴子和凉的,而最好请个伙伴来作为好陪伴。 September is coming to its end and it might be time for a change. Try Thr3 Monkeys wine at a bar near you or maybe buy a bottle to try at home. Either way, as always we suggest to drink Thr3 Monkeys Wine a bit chilled and preferably in good company.


7-11 活动今天开始 – 7-Eleven promotion starts today

7-11 便利店活动今天开始啦! 买两瓶三只猴子葡萄酒,酒可以免费拿到一个三只猴子公仔。 凭收银证图片发到斯高迪官方微信。留联系方式, 就会把猴子邮寄给你。 7-Eleven in-store promotion starts today! Buy two bottles of Thr3 Monkeys wine at 7-Eleven and you can receive a Thr3 Monkeys stuffed animal toy for free. Send a Picture of your receipt together with your shipping information to Scandic official WeChat account and you will receive you gift by mail.


猴在囧途 – A Monkeys trip

猴在囧途- 猴子没打算走遍世界。 它们三从瑞典走起。 已经到中国转转。 已经坐上长途巴士。 下一站会是去哪儿? The Monkeys are out travelling. The Thr3 started out in Sweden and are already in China for monkey business. They have already jumped on a long-distance bus to the next destination. Where could it be?